Welcome to the ShelRae Portfolio

Art for Your Frame

Nature’s sophisticated sense of humor delights me. My inspiration is drawn from her own masterpieces; the fish, flowers, birds… and bugs! There are seemingly no rules to her designs: the color combinations are unexpected, outrageous, and sublime.

The First Artist had a ball!

And so can we.

I especially enjoy working closely with clients, co-designing custom pieces that reflect their personal style. Re-purposing sentimental favorites is a specialty. These pieces are created to bring a smile to the wearer, as well as the audience. They are truly “Art for Your Frame”.

“ShelRae Jewelry Designs are compelling… witty… Every piece brings a smile.”

-Alison DePew, Interior Designer

“Her uncommon eye for color and textural combining is unparalleled.”

-Kathy Curtis, Writer, Artist

“ShelRae jewelry is a delight to behold… an adventure to wear!”

-Karla Schindler, Set Decorator

This is a portfolio site. Original designs for sale can be found on Etsy.
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